Why these are the best beauty luxury brands

In one way or the other people are attracted to certain brands which appeal to certain desires: the desire to have that bag that not everyone can afford or the desire to use a certain cosmetic line that is more on the pricy side but makes you feel the best version of yourself. There’s nothing wrong with buying some luxury items as they are a very good way of pampering yourself or just rewarding yourself for to your achievements. So, if you want some inspiration to find brands in order to treat yourself to something nicer or you just want to buy a gift that will be cherished forever by that special someone, I leave a list of some of the best luxury brands and why you should consider them.


This is the best luxury brand for you to give an upgrade to your hair care products. Even though they also sell makeup products and hair utensils and accessories, hair care products are what gave them a good name. You can count on Oribe to receive the best treatment from their products. They designed their shampoos to be as soothing as possible for every scalp and their masks and oils as nutritious and moisturizing as the most hydrating cream that can exist. If you think about it, besides making you feel better than your normal self you may actually save money in the long run since you won’t need to buy products to treat dandruff or dry ends for instance. And to give that final touch of luxury to their products, Oribe give great importance to the fragrance. In fact, they have collaborated with a very old and experienced perfume house to help them create the perfect and unmatched scents that their products now have. Also, who wouldn’t want to look like they came straight from a salon all the time?

Tom Ford

If you see yourself as a sophisticated and yet at the same time kind of daring person, then you should take a look at what the Tom Ford brand has to offer. It is worth to remember that Tom Ford himself has worked with Gucci which gives you a hint of what you may find on the items that bear the name of this stylist. With Tom Ford clothing it’s simply worth taking the extra mile for a well-fitted and sophisticated outfit that won’t leave any doubts that you do care about having a good and fashionable appearance.


It’s widely accepted knowledge among every makeup lover that, if you want to level up your makeup look or you want to look more put together without many steps into your eye makeup, fake lashes are the way to go. They can instantly make your eyes look bigger, longer and more well-framed with a denser set of lashes. If you have already tried fake lashes and decided that there’s no way back from that now, you have probably realised that not all fake lashes are the same. Shape and size aside, there are lashes that can last longer, lashes that look more authentic than others and lashes that just fit you better.

After you had all your fun experimenting with crazy luscious lashes you may just want to stick with the ones that complete your makeup look better. For that you may start looking for durability and better quality. MoxieLash has that. They are a brand that started focused on their various sets of lashes that is now expanding to creating other products. Their lashes are customizable, last for hours and you can re-wear them up to 30 times more! Just by looking at this you see that these lashes are much better in quality than most reusable fake lashes. Another great thing about these lashes is that people find them easy to apply which, when it comes to fake lashes, can be tricky at first or in more stressful days.


I left one of the most iconic for last since it’s also one of the most thought of brands when it comes to purchasing luxury items. On this day and age Chanel sells more than fashion products, having expanded to perfumes, accessories and makeup throughout its century of existence. Many people swear by Chanel products, that once they tried them, they can’t stick to anything else. If you don’t want to go for the full Chanel outfit, there are other ways of lifting up your look with Chanel details. There’s nothing like a good pair of Chanel sunglasses or an iconic Chanel bag (don’t forget the vintage ones as they can still be a good investment piece) to transform your look entirely. And let’s not forget about Chanel’s signature perfumes and fragrances that, even though many decades have passed since their first launch, people still immediately recognize where that scent is from.

This way, we can see that buying luxury items is also an investment. Generally, their pieces can last many years, enough time for you to get your money’s worth back. Also, when you purchase some of those items and add them to your look you can instantly look more put together and look more confident. All of this contributes for a good state of mind, making you feel pampered and ready to take on your day.

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